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2004 romantic drama film written, produced and directed by Kim Ki-duk.
Life of Pi is the first stand-alone work by international film genius Kim Ki-duk. The film is based on a real story that happened to a famous martial artist at the beginning of the 20th century in Hong Kong.
About movie:
Members of the corrupt and demoralized East China Navy, equipped with obsolete warships, surrender to China's air force in the hope that the Allies will be able to get them out of Guangdong. The warship they travel on is in port for repairs, and it is the only place in the city where they come into contact with the world. Although they reluctantly agree to the terms of their captivity, their insidious behavior and indiscriminate destruction of all aspects of life on the ship are causing increasingly strong protests in the ranks of the crew. But unexpected betrayal on the ship makes the sailors themselves stand up for their interests. The film on which they float becomes evidence of their guilt in the failure of the operation against the rebels in the heart of Guangzhou, and they are trying to destroy it.
For several weeks now, four prisoners of war have successfully resisted the hectic activity of the headquarters of the military ground forces. But Captain Marco and Bojue do not rely only on their intellectual abilities and methodically study the methods of military strategy and tactics taught to them by an officer named Siu. One of them, Zhou, has a cynical plan to escape from captivity. But this will not happen as long as there are others who disagree with their behavior. And they remain trapped in their contradictions.
A comic book based on the film's story was first published in 1987. The artist is Xu Xiaoju.
Dedicated to the city of Guangzhou. The film has been released in the Hong Kong Hall since 1960 in 35 copies. Since then, the number of copies has decreased by almost 10 times.
1996 war film about the crew of the Elkhari ship
From such films it is better to sit in the corner and not shine. f02ee7bd2b